Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Two Best Sisters Play Pokemon Snap review

Last review of 2013? Last review of 2013.

So, you may remember my distaste (to put it lightly) for "Two Best Sisters Play Persona 4". I found the humour there to be deeply unpleasant, which came from the way it was edited. "Two Best Sisters Play Pokemon Snap" has more restraint, and the result is more watchable.

I don't think I'll ever personally like the Two Best Sisters Play series. I don't think that editing Let's Play audio into an animation happening in the game universe is a good idea. That said, I can respect this episode as being something perfectly enjoyable by those who do like the idea of the series. The humour is, in and of itself, funny, and it's adapted much better to the series' format than the Persona 4 video. I think that's mostly because of the game in question, which doesn't require too much change to work in the said format. Regardless, I found this one tolerable and occasionally enjoyable. As said, fans of the series will enjoy it.

More importantly, the animation is better than ever. This video looks fantastic, though I struggle to call something with such lowbrow humour "gorgeous". It's still very nicely drawn and very nicely animated, with only the style itself keeping it from looking genuinely pretty. As such, I can only describe it as looking "very good". It looks, in fact, very good, and I wish there was a better way to describe it.

This video is no favourite of mine. I can't really call it any sort of masterpiece, either-if that label even applies to brony fan videos. That said, as a way to end the year, we could do a whole lot worse, and for those who like this series, I don't doubt that this is a treat. As for me, I got a reasonable amount of enjoyment out of it, so I'm satisfied. The year went out on a decent note, and that's all I could ask for. When I next post, I'll be listing my favourite PMVs, and then non-PMV videos, of the year. Until then, have a happy new year.

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