Saturday, 7 December 2013

Don't Mine at Night (Pony Parody) review
New video from JanAnimations! He's one of the best animators in this fandom. This has got to be good!

Well, it is, technically. Okay, let me be specific: This is a good video if brilliant animation is enough for you, or if you like Minecraft music videos. And, to be fair, I can't really discredit the PMV for the latter. It's a fantastic piece of animation. JanAnimations draws and animates at show quality, nothing else to say.

I found myself not enjoying this as much as I should have, mostly because I don't enjoy these Minecraft song parodies much. Now, this really is subjective, as objectively this thing is fantastic and arguably a huge step up from Button Mash's debut. It's really a great PMV, and while it doesn't impress me quite as much as many other PMVs this year, it could be argued that it's objectively one of the best, because JanAnimations has such fantastic animation.

How is the animation fantastic, might you ask? Well, it's fluid, complex, well-drawn, and well-lit. As mentioned, it's show quality. The music video itself is also well-constructed, basically following the general Minecraft music video structure and telling a serviceable little narrative within. Button Mash returns, and without any dialogue he's much more tolerable.

There is pretty much nothing at fault with this PMV, and there's a lot to like. All the same, the source material gives it more limited appeal, and it doesn't have the sheer awesomeness of many other PMVs I've seen. Definitely one of the best PMVs I've seen this year, but maybe not one of my favourites.

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