Saturday, 14 December 2013

Overtime [PMV Collab] review

This was a collaboration? Did they just gather the best PMV makers to ever live or something?

So apparently a number of editors made segments for this. Well, I loved every minute of it, so that should speak to their quality. Each segment was excellent, in fact they were all relatively distinct from each other. I suspect each editor had their own style, yet they all worked perfectly together. This is so fluid that it'd be easy not to realize it's a collaboration. I mean, it's all so cohesive.

With all the segments, you'd think one would be a bit below the rest, but nope! Each one is just bursting with creativity. All of the original animations fit the music, and none of them are too generic. There's a lot of show clips used, but the editing is also amazing. It's fast-paced, exciting, and just works perfectly with the music.

With a PMV, you really can't say much else about it. This is one of the best PMVs of the year, no doubt. As a collaboration, it shows off a ton of talented editors. I'll need to check them out. Until then, there's still this amazing PMV.

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