Saturday, 21 December 2013

Late December wrap-up, part 1

There's only two weeks left of the year, so, for the holidays, I'm gonna be lazy and group together a bunch of short reviews for simpler videos. Besides, I forgot to do any reviews this week, so here's doing them all at once.
"Superman Meets My Little Pony"
Now THIS is how to do superheroes + MLP right. This has all the humour and creativity I felt was lacking from the Power Ponies episode. It's a riot. Sure, its stop-motion animation can be kinda ugly, but that's surely made up for with the great humour. Highly recommended.
"Twas The Night Before Pinkie"
As far as Christmas videos go, it doesn't get much better than this. Pinkie Pie is at her best here, and her chemistry with the narrator is simply hilarious. This video seems to really "get" Pinkie's character, with all of her friendliness and quirkiness intact. It's great.
"Twilight Gets Her License"
As with the above, this video shows the character at her best. Twilight is adorable here. It's a cute little short that is certainly worth a watch.
"Sweetie Bot and the Sin Cleansing Bathtub"
It's only 17 seconds long, but it's very well animated and pretty funny. I'd just like to say how strange it is that a short like this is so much better than the big video it's based upon, though simply being tolerable is all it takes for that. This one's funny, check it out.
"VFX are Magic 2 [PMV]"
It's one of the best PMVs of the year, yet it's only a small part of "Ponies the Anthology III". That's what makes the anthology so brilliant-every sketch is this good. If you haven't yet, watch the entire Anthology.

So, there we have it. Some of last week's videos, reviewed briefly. Huzzah. See you next time.

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