Saturday, 7 December 2013

Everypony plays sports games review

...What on earth am I looking at?

I've reviewed two videos by this animator before. The first one was creepy and atmospheric, and I liked it. The second one was dumb and left a bad taste in my mouth. I didn't like it. However, it was also with the second one that I noticed something about these animations: They're kinda awkward. I dunno if it's the poor sound editing, or if there's something wrong with the animation, but when I watch this animator's videos I always get the feeling that something's just... off. It's considerably distracting, but it's also mesmerizing.

With the other animation I reviewed, I was frustrated with it, but here it kinda works. This video has a much more laid-back pace, and because of that the mesmerizing awkwardness is kinda charming. It's not a great video, with the strange animation still being pretty distracting, but I don't entirely know if I minded it all that much. Maybe it's what they're made to do. There's something about the way characters move in these videos that doesn't quite seem natural. Whereas in anything by Argodaemon, JanAnimations, or the show's team is fluid and looks like how ponies would actually move, there's some sort of weird stiffness here. At the same time, it didn't entirely bother me.

I want to say the art looks show-quality, but it's more pony creator quality, which isn't quite the same thing. This is a bit below show quality, which may be why it looks so strange. It's clearly a product assembled in Flash, and it's clearly by someone who isn't an absolute master at it. It just... lacks fluidity. As for the sound, it's awful. If there's one thing in the video that I know for certain I did not like, it's the sound editing. There are many times when a sound that should be there just... isn't. Often there's no music, which makes the few sound effects awkward, like they're happening in a vacuum.

I should also mention that this is a comedy video. This is what really won me over. It's honestly pretty funny. Despite the awkward animation and bad sound editing, the animator is actually pretty good at slapstick comedy. Maybe that's why the animation isn't fluid, because it's just a medium for the comedy. Really, that makes the video watchable. I'd actually say it's worth a watch. It's not a great video by any means, especially at that length, but it's surprisingly watchable and even enjoyable.

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