Saturday, 7 December 2013

Episode review: Daring Don't

It's that time again, for the newest episode of this show we all love!

Season 4 is going by extremely well so far. I have loved every single episode so far, and this is no exception.

Sure, a lot of it may have been predictable, but that's easily ignored when the episode is as fun as this. Rainbow Dash is great in this episode, but the real centerpiece is Daring Do. Daring is, for lack of a better word, awesome. She provides this episode with a lot of action, and it's great action at that.

The episode is also fairly funny. While it has less comedy than the previous one, it's still got plenty of laughs, provided best by the chemistry between Rainbow and Twilight, but also by Rainbow's reactions to Daring Do. That made up most of the episode, and the results were a highly enjoyable episode.

As usual, the animation and voice acting is fantastic. This episode looks amazing, and its world is really brought to life. The episode revolves around an Indiana Jones parody, and the parts where the episode basically shows us this parody would actually make a very good popcorn movie.

Honestly, it's just an incredibly fun episode. There's not much to say aside from that. I liked how Daring Do was characterized, I liked how Rainbow Dash was characterized, I liked pretty much everything in this episode. If season 4 continues like this, it might be the best season yet.

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