Friday, 22 November 2013

[PMV] - Rainbow Dash IS AWESOME!! review


That title is no lie, and this video proves it.

My retinas are thanking me right now. My mind is racing, excited by what I just saw. My hands are jittering as I type. I am trying to find ways to turn "THIS IS AWESOME!!!!" into a multiple-paragraph review. What I am talking about is one of the best PMVs of the year, courtesy of new animator "HyperGamingSquad". We are a fandom blessed with some fantastic animators, and he very easily joins their ranks.

I have reviewed a number of dubstep PMVs that are mostly made of circular motions. Usually, I find these boring. But here, these circles are infused with new life. It also uses a lot of lines, but unlike in other videos it uses them in brilliantly creative ways. The visuals are all fresh, and there is no shortage of exciting new ideas here. Everything here works perfectly with the song, right down to the pace. Once it gets going, it pulls out all the stops. Brilliant animation after brilliant animation, with each one better than the last. If you want to burn your retinas from sheer awesome, put the video on HD. It is gorgeous.

That not enough for you? Well, the scale of this PMV is unmatched by several narrative videos I've seen here. This thing is immense. It goes for the length of the whole song, sprawling through idea after idea, in pursuit of its thesis-that Rainbow Dash is awesome. If you weren't convinced about the merits of RD before, this just might convert you. If thing like Feedsy's "Make it Special" PMV are a love letter to everything pony, then this is a more focused tribute to Rainbow Dash. She would have nothing less than this. It is beautiful. It is brilliant. But most of all, it is awesome.

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