Friday, 8 November 2013

Fluffle Puff Tales: "Nightmare Night" reveiw

So, the newest installment of my least favourite thing in the fandom is out. Maybe this time it'll be improved.

Believe it or not, this is a huge improvement. While I will never really enjoy the Fluffle Puff character, at least this video manages not to focus too much on her and also improve the technical side. Maybe next time we'll get a video where Fluffle Puff isn't a mental defect. Hey, a man can hope, right?

But what we've got is actually the first time I've genuinely enjoyed one of these, PFUDOR notwithstanding. This is mostly because the focus is a lot less on Fluffle Puff being stupid and more on setting up an actual punchline. The character still doesn't have much potential to be in a great video, but at least she could be tolerable in decent videos. If the series keeps up like this, I might actually continue watching them instead of only checking it out because of its place on the month-end list.

More exciting is that the series has added two important things: Dialogue and background noise! Now, dialogue is technically not necessary here, but it fills in the gaps left by the abysmal sound editing of the series. That is also helped by the addition of background sounds, making the video sound so much better than the other ones-again, PFUDOR notwithstanding. What this does for the video is make it infinitely more tolerable. This thing without background noise or dialogue would be absolutely painful. Instead, it's actually somewhat enjoyable.

I wish I understood why Chrysalis is there, though. It's never been explained, and I have no idea if the Tumblr explains it either. But even with that confusion, I can say that this video is actually somewhat enjoyable. Now, in a fandom with so many great videos, "somewhat enjoyable" isn't the strongest praise, but compared to the other Fluffle Puff videos, this is a masterpiece. Check it out.

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