Friday, 22 November 2013

Bloopers [SFM] review

Here we are, the 10k subscribers special for one of my favourite animators!

Ah, Argodaemon. I've stopped reviewing most of his videos because there's not much to say aside from that they're unbelievably pretty. But really, there are no words to describe the sheer beauty of his animation. It's filled with subtle touches, and is always just amazing. So he released a collection of bloopers.

Argodaemon isn't one known for his comedy, but unlike other great animators, his attempt at comedy actually works. These goofy bloopers are genuinely funny. They're silly, but that gives them some charm. It's genuinely amusing... Ah, who am I kidding. Yes, it's funny, but that's not my main reason for liking this. No, what I like is that it's five minutes of Argodaemon. His videos are usually short, so while they are incredibly pretty, they don't last very long. But this is five minutes long. Five minutes of Argodaemon's beautiful, brilliant animation.

What's so great about his animation? Well, take a look. Film-quality camerawork. Incredibly pretty lighting. All those subtle touches. That last one is what really wins me over. He doesn't just animate a head turn, he animates the hair moving the other way to match the motion. I don't know if his physics are perfect, but with the sheer amount of detail put into each little movement, I don't even care. For his 10k subscribers special, he has given us five whole minutes of this stunning attention to detail. What can I say? Those 10k subscribers were well-earned.

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