Monday, 25 November 2013

Destiny [SFM] review

Didn't see this coming. 
As I've mentioned, Argodaemon is possibly my favourite brony animator. Recently, I reviewed his 10k special, a great blooper reel that stood out for being five minutes of Argodaemon's gorgeous animation. But now he's gone and made a full 4-and-a-half SFM video... which is, like every other comedy project by a brony animator, stupid and not very funny, though it is still gorgeous. 

Can we just stop with all the inane Derpy videos? It's been done. It's all been done. We need to stop worshipping this clumsy gray background pony. I mean, this is far from the worst Derpy video I've seen-in fact, it even gets a good slapstick gag in there-but it's such blatant Derpy worship that it's irritating. What, Derpy getting the "Magical Mystery Cure" treatment? Come on, I've seen it before. It's not funny.

Helping the video, however, is just how amazing it looks. Argodaemon did not hold back with this one, keeping in gorgeous camera movements, detailed animation, and beautiful lighting. That is what kept me from disliking the video-that it still looks amazing. Looks aren't everything, and there are still problems here, but the pacing and the visuals combine to distract from the video's faults. 

I did like the video. As I said, it got a laugh out of me, and it looks amazing, but Argodaemon's pushing it with this one. If the animation was any less brilliant, I'd be more annoyed and bored by it. I still am, to an extent, but in the end the fantastic animation wins out. 

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