Friday, 22 November 2013

Changelings Pmv review

Sorry for the break in content. But I'm back, right before the new season.

While I watched this short PMV, I found myself wondering how to describe it. Was it calming? Was it exciting? Was it creepy? It has a little bit of all these things. Putting them together, the PMV (or Pmv, as it's titled on YouTube) is best described with one word: Mesmerizing. Were it longer, I could imagine getting lost in it. Unfortunately, it's finished before it has a chance to really pull you in.

The PMV is edited with a slowly increasing pace, to follow the song. In that sense, it succeeds. The part of the song that it's based around is fit extremely well by the visuals. Said visuals tell two short narratives. The first has Rainbow Dash performing a sonic rainboom. It's slow, simple, and calming. That is followed with a transition to another narrative about a Changeling attack. This part follows the drop, and does so with the usual editing tricks-but at a slower pace than usual. It fits the music pretty well, even if it clearly doesn't use the whole song.

However, the second narrative doesn't have a proper ending, which makes the length particularly hard to justify. Yes, it's a music video, but it doesn't even use half of the whole song! It's not like there was nothing else to do, they could have showed the rest of the story! This is inexcusable. I've actually seen this a couple of times, where a PMV will only use the first minute-and-a-half of a song. Usually, though, these PMVs didn't obviously have much more they could do. The only explanation I can think of is that the creator just got lazy. The song is over 5 minutes long! You did not need to end it on a cliffhanger! This doesn't ruin the video, which is still very good, but it does hold it back from being great. There's a fantastic PMV in there somewhere, but it isn't being allowed to truly shine.

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