Saturday, 22 February 2014

Episode... review?: Twilight Time

I... I don't even know.

I thought this episode would be something else. I really thought this would be a Twilight episode. What I got was a CMC episode, and one which doesn't reinforce what I dislike about the characters... but somehow was really difficult to watch.

This is MLPFiM S4, so it of course looks great, but the voice acting seems... off. Some characters are fine, but the CMC seem a bit less so, in a way that I can't put my finger on. That really describes my thoughts on the episode as a whole, really. There's something that doesn't feel right.

The CMC's characterization in this episode came across as especially unsympathetic. They use Twilight's new status for personal gain, which is the point of the episode... but I really didn't enjoy watching it. The ending addresses it, and the CMC actually learn something, but I felt the episode kept the CMC in this unlikable state for far too long. Sweetie Belle in particular seems to come up with these schemes to make her and her friends famous that really make her seem no better than Diamond Tiara. Again, that leads into the episode's lesson... but I cannot get invested in these characters. The CMC got themselves into this situation, so I can't feel that much sympathy for them, and that they got Twilight in some trouble because of their mistake upset me more.

The episode is about Twilight having apparent celebrity status due to her newly gained Princess title, and for some reason this continuously upset me. Perhaps it was just too obnoxious to be enjoyable. Perhaps it's because I don't like Twilight being a princess. I dunno. But it always bothered me, with all the chanting and the obsession. It made the episode somewhat unpleasant to watch.

There were good moments too. Twilight eating burgers was great, and there were a number of funny moments. The ending was pretty good too, and put a lot of the episode into perspective. After the ending my thoughts on the episode were somewhat confused, and that's making this... "review" a lot harder.

I tried to watch the episode afterwards with a different mindset, but I couldn't get very far into it before I stopped enjoying myself. I dunno how legitimate my reasons for disliking this episode are, but I just really didn't enjoy much of it. Perhaps next week will be better.

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