Saturday, 1 March 2014

Episode review: It Ain't Easy Being Breezies

Best episode in a while.
While watching the episode, I kept thinking I knew what it was, but it never quite fulfilled my expectations. That said, what we did get is a wonderful episode, which is to be expected from the character-driven "rainbow" episodes. However, as good as it is, it's not quite suited to my tastes. 

As is expected from episodes like this, characterization is excellent. I've written about this three times already, so I'll stick with Fluttershy. Her kindness is shown really well here. She worries really hard about others' feelings, often to the point that she fails to consider their needs. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you-it gives the episode a character arc. In the past three rainbow episodes, a character came to question their core value before rediscovering it. Here, those happen simultaneously. Fluttershy realizes that she's being too soft, but that doesn't cause her to be less kind-it just makes her able to see when to put her hoof down for others' sake as well as her own.

The episode is very focused on cuteness. The breezies in particular almost seem designed by committee to be cute, which makes them fairly uninteresting, for me at least. That said, the cuteness does work. The scariest thing in the episode is bees, and even they are kinda cute. It does go for a very basic kind of cuteness, which doesn't appeal much to me, but it is effective without being annoying or cloying. But there was no point that got a very strong reaction out of me, because I personally do not love this kind of thing. Unless it's with dogs.

Still, it's a great episode, and one that is much more satisfying than any of the past three. It's not gonna be a favourite for me, but I can see why it might be for someone else. See you again next week! 

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