Sunday, 2 February 2014

PMV review: Take To the Sky

Say, didn't I used to review fan videos here?

Yes, I did, and that's what I'll continue to do, with a new PMV collab. This PMV is incredibly well made. Really, anything I can complain about here comes down to personal taste. I feel there's an over-reliance on typography, as with many lighter PMVs like this, but the custom animations are so well made that I can't really complain. And I don't like the song much, but that's not something I can blame the video for.

The light tone of the PMV has a lot of appeal. It stands in contrast to the more intense PMVs for harder electronic music, being considerably more relaxing, if somewhat less fun. The custom animations and show clips are edited together in a wonderfully fluid manner, with one animation floating by to make way for the next, keeping with the breezy nature of the video. Again, it's relaxing.

Speaking of which, there are custom animations present here that are simply fantastic. This is an incredibly well-crafted, well-animated, and overall just well-made video. The animators on board here are clearly very talented, as the animation matches the fluidity of the editing. Just about every animation present here upholds the lighthearted nature of the PMV, and they're all enjoyably cheerful. Everything here is so well-made and good-natured that the PMV is hard not to like.

Still, I wish they hadn't relied so much on typography. It's not especially creative or visually interesting, and it fills up space that could have been used for more creative animations. However, what we have here is still a very good PMV, and one that is worth checking out.

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