Saturday, 18 January 2014

Episode review: Rainbow Falls

I appear to have fallen behind. Oh well, I'll have to catch up soon. Anyways, new episode!

I almost feel like I could copy and paste my Rarity Takes Manehattan review here. What that episode was to Rarity, this was to Rainbow Dash. Again, where to start?

It shows off the character at her best, and really just shows what makes the character so great. It really shows her best qualities, and puts her in a spot where these qualities are challenged, in order to reinforce them by the end. Like Rarity in her episode, the result is the best characterization for Rainbow Dash in a long time, if not ever. But again, it's not just Rainbow Dash. All of her friends are at her best too. In particular, Fluttershy finally feels right again. She's no longer a caricature of herself who defends the most inconsequential of pests, but an actual likeable character.

And the story? It's great. The main conflict begins a lot earlier than Rarity's, but it's still preceded by some funny moments. Oddly enough, this episode actually seems a lot like that one. I have a feeling that's no coincidence, as there's a scene here that serves the exact same role as one in Rarity Takes Manehattan, right down to the rainbows. I didn't really feel as strongly for the characters, but I still wanted things to work out. I expect to like this episode even more the next time I watch it.

The visuals, are gorgeous, as always. The art is clear and the animation is fluid, plus there's a lot to it. But, again, you all know how it is. However, this one didn't have a song. Maybe this helped the conflict start earlier.

These episodes are clearly setting something up for the finale, and with the way it's being handled, I can't wait. This here is perhaps another perfect MLP episode. It's one I didn't adore as much as Rarity Takes Manehattan, but it is a wonderful representation of what makes the show great.

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