Saturday, 11 January 2014

Episode review: Pinkie Apple Pie

Still not sure I like this idea, but whatever.

So I don't like the main premise. It doesn't matter, because this is still a very enjoyable episode. Sure, after last week's it's a bit underwhelming, but it's still enjoyable.

Yet again, season 4 of MLP delivers an episode with plenty of laughs. It's a very funny episode, yet again-one that I probably won't rewatch as often as other ones, but which I won't want to skip in additional viewings of the season. The humour made it thoroughly enjoyable, and it presented some nice ideas that are relatable to close groups-"families", if you will-both big and small. I was satisfied with the episode.

Still, the core idea of Pinkie being part of the Apple family still seems a bit lazy. I felt the episode didn't do enough with it-it's simply there, and it's kinda a cliche. The episode wasn't really about it, anyways-it was about the Apple family. On top of that, I felt it didn't utilize the characters as well as it could have. Perhaps it just seems underwhelming after last week's wonderful episode.

I liked the episode. Coming after what could possibly be the season's best episode, it's a bit underwhelming-but that doesn't make it a bad episode. It keeps up the humour that makes S4 so enjoyable, and that's more than enough.

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