Saturday, 26 October 2013

Nightmare Night music video review

Oh boy, new BronyDanceParty!

Unlike "Turnabout Storm" or its like, music videos like this can't really be judged based on their story or content. Their main purpose is just to go together with the song, after all. BronyDanceParty's attempts always succeed at that, even if sometimes they aren't that interesting on their own. Thankfully, this is not one of those, being entertaining in its own right.

At first, this PMV is just a serviceable music video. It shows the musicians (and BronyDanceParty) standing around, waving their arms and bobbing their heads. Pretty standard stuff. But then the video decides to do a bit more-a large hologram of Nightmare Moon, specifically-which does look pretty nice. In comparison to his "Great to be Different" and "Awoken" videos, this one really doesn't have much going on, but it's still more than enough.

BronyDanceParty is one of those animators that has art style of the show down, but not the animation.  As with his other videos, this one is honestly pretty stiff. The actual art isn't at all bad, but movement just isn't very smooth. Coupled with the basic motions that he has the characters do, it does seem at first that he's not talented enough to deserve all his popularity. But that's not true-While his animation may be average, his videos are far above that.

The thing is, nothing else in the fandom manages to nail the "music video" aspect as perfectly as he does. This Nightmare Night PMV is possibly the perfect example of that. It doesn't distract from the song, and in fact manages to fit it pretty well. It shows the musicians performing, with accompanying visuals that work well with the song itself. It also has a cheesy little plot about a hologram gimmick scaring kids. It's all just fun, and really fits the song. Honestly, that's all you need ask for in a music video, and BronyDanceParty provides it in full.

The song is a hip-hop remix of a techno song, so if you like that kind of music you'll like this video. In that case, check it out. Otherwise, there's really no reason why you'd watch this anyways, is there?

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