Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hot Minute: My Little Pony's Rarity review

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As such, here's the link:

So, the new My Little Pony Hot Minute is in! These are always great. Catch the review below the break!

I seriously love these videos. They always capture the essence of the character, with well-written dialogue and fun questions. This one's no exception. The questions are tailored to the character, and her lines are in-character and entertaining. I mean, I really shouldn't expect much else from this writing team, but it never ceases to impress.

The voice acting is also great, as usual. It's not just the same voice used for the character, it sounds really natural. Nothing really breaks the illusion of the interview-as said, the writing is great, which makes it feel like the character is actually being interviewed. The editing is also very good. I did notice that they used show clips, but it wasn't at all distracting.

So, yeah. Once again, the Hot Topic team brings us a great video. Was there ever any doubt?

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